Zeolite Specimens

Chakra: Crown Chakra

Keywords: Healing, Growth, Unconditional Love, Meditation


Zeolite Specimens from India typically contain multiple minerals on matrix which include Apophyllite (conducted of energy), Stilbite (deep meditative states), Heulendite (inter-dimensional travel), Mordenite, Prehnite (unconditional love), Okenite (link you to your higher self) and Pectolite (release you from materialistic worlds). 


Zeolite Specimens are a great tool to use while attuning the energy and vibrations within your body and are known to enhance your healing process. Zeolite Specimens also banish and remove negative energy and make way for the positive energy to remain. Zeolite Specimens emit peaceful, loving vibrations that help to connect you to your Higher Self and reach deeper and multiple meditative states. 


Zeolite Specimens are also used aid in drug or alcohol addiction and can ease your struggle whilst a withdrawal and can release toxins from the body. Zeolite Specimens are also well placed in your gardens to enhance them and strengthen your connection to Mother Earth.

Apophyllite 2



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