Unakite Jasper 

Chakras: Third Eye Chakra

Keywords: Abundance, Emotional Body, Compassion, Emotional Healing


Unakite Jasper is known as, “The Stone of Clarity.” Unakite Jasper is here to rid you of any negativity you may be holding onto from the past, whether it be from mistakes you have made or hurt you have experienced. Use Unakite Jasper during meditation to help release old blockages and to move through and forward with your emotional healing. Simply place Unakite Jasper on your Third Eye Chakra. whilst in mediation, to gain insight and wisdom of how to continue on your path of healing. Unakite Jasper vibrates at a frequency harmonising love.


Unakite Jasper is also recommended to use to connect an expectant mother to her unborn child and fostering this relationship. If having trouble conceiving, Unakite Jasper is also placed under ones allow to enhance fertility. 


Unakite Jasper is also a great tool for children to use when they are feeling overwhelmed, lost or having trouble focusing.


  • I will intuitively select your Unakite Jasper Palm Stone for you
  • Each Crystal is unique, photos are a representation of what you will receive.

Unakite Jasper Palm Stones (Large)



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