Have a fear of travelling or simply need to protect your aura on a long flight and in a foreign land? I have put together a Travel Crystal Kit, which is light and compact, that contains 4 crystals for ease of travel and simple to through security and small enough to shove in your bra or pocket. 


What you will receive:


1 x Labradorite Tumbled Stone 

1 x Rhodonite Tumbled Stone 

1 x Rainbow Moonstone Tumble Stone

1 x Garnet Rough Stone 

Along with Dark Moon Crystals’ Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag


Labradorite will assist you in building harmonious relationships with new people you encounter and helps you accept change, especially whilst disrupting your everyday routine. Let’s face it, we all get set in our ways in some form or another. 


Rhodonite will provide you with healing energy. help you avoid arguments and really see both sides of a situation. Tensions can rise with your friends and family on vacation, take this time to let Rhodonite guide you on the path of ease and chill. 


Rainbow Moonstone is known as the Traveller’s Stone and protects you and all of your belonging - no thievery here!


Garnet is also known as the Traveller’s Stone and ensures your safety during the duration of your trip


*Photos are examples of crystals you will receive, each crystal is uniquely it's own

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