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The Dreamweaver Tarot deck was created with the intent to be experiential. It is meant to feel as if you found someone’s old polaroid photographs that were magickally ingrained with information from The Dreamworker’s domain. The tactile experience of the cards are meant to link your physical body into this realm and allow your mind to sink deep.


The imagery is composed of travel photography from around the globe, taken by Leah Shoman. Leah has taken her moments of experience and connected them with the themes of the Tarot. The illustrations, by Jackie Rye, were intentionally created for and inspired by Leah's travel photography. Jackie’s illustrations dabble between realistic and mystical. 


Delve into The Dreamweaver Tarot and make a deep connection with your subconscious; allowing yourself to tap into your dreams and bring them to life.  



78 Card Deck with Mini Guidebook all contained in a Box


Card Size: 88mm x 110mm


Cards: Full color images printed on 300gsm Velvet Laminate with gunmetal-holographic embossed illustrations overlaid


Box: Black matte with gunmetal-holographic embossed illustrations


Book: Fits inside the deck box with cards, very simple guide book to get your thoughts sparking.


Please read FAQ below if you have any questions pertaining to the deck.

The Dreamweaver Tarot