Petrified Wood means turning wood to stone. It’s the process of a tree turning completely into stone, it’s is also known as silicification, and happens over very long periods of time. This process relates to liquid silica (quartz) replacing the vegetation, of the trees, to change it from wood into stone.  

It takes on other names such as Fossilized Wood, Silicified Wood or Agatized Wood and can come in a variety of colors. 


PW is grounding and healing and provides you with an overall feeling of calmness and security. Use PW during meditation to discover more about your past lives, family heritage and ancestral healing. It resounds in the Third Eye Chakra Energy for healing and assist you in making a connection with your cells and the issues stored within your DNA. PW also helps you access higher spiritual realms to access information about the past of this Earth. 

PW helps you understand that patience is sometimes required and accept things as they are.

Petrified Wood Bowl



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