Chakras: Crown Chakra

Keywords: Journey, Healing, Recall, Clairvoyance, Protection 


Lodolite AKA Landscape Quartz, Inclusion Quartz, Scenic Quartz + Garden Quartz. Lodolite comes with many names and many inclusions and colors that look, well scenic, packed inside the body of Clear Quartz! Some of these inclusions can/may include Chlorite, Hematite, Epidote, Feldspar etc. 


Lodolite is an incredible tool to use during meditation as it’s brings along big energy and vibrations which enhances enhances your manifestations. Lodolite is said to be a window into another world and can also cause a cosmic shift in consciousness. Lodolite is also known as the Shaman’s Crystal, as it is said to allow you to recall knowledge of your past lives and enhance communication between you and your spirit guides. During these journeys, Lodolite also provides you protection, aids you in releasing your fears/blockages and promotes your deep emotional healing within this process. 


Lodolite is excellent for those who like to practice lucid dreaming and not only journey into past lives but on a cosmic level, a soul level and a personal level.


12.5cm in Diameter

Lodolite Sphere



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