Ajooba Jasper    

Chakras: Root Chakra, Heart Chakra

Keywords: Unique, Grounded, Nourishment 


Ajooba Jasper is a very unique Jasper and translates to, “One of a Kind.” Ajooba Jasper still contains the same metaphysical properties of Jasper. Ajooba Jasper strengthens your connection to yourself and Mother Earth and reaffirms that, ‘You’ve Got This,’ feeling. With it strong connection to Mother Earth, Ajooba Jasper also ensures you stay grounded but still allows you to move freely without any ties. Ajooba Jasper is here to nourish and nurture your spirit and your self-esteem, and allows you to remain stress free in situations where you may be feeling overwhelmed or when you’re to the point of burning your energy flame out.


  • About:
  • Approx 11cm-11.5cm in height
  • I will intuitively select your Ajooba Jasper Generator for you
  • Photos are an example of what you will receive, each stone is unique

Large Ajooba Jasper Generator



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