Kiwi Jasper

Chakras: Aligns all Chakras

Keywords: Healer, Tranquility, Wholeness


Kiwi Jasper contains the same metaphysical properties as Jasper, which offers you support in times of stressful situations, and provides you with a sense of stability, tranquility and wholeness. Kiwi Jasper aligns all of your chakras and absorbs all negative and malicious energy that may be in your auric field. Kiwi Jasper is a stone used by healers to aid in healing others. Kiwi Jasper also aids in curbing addictions and compulsive behaviours


  • I will intuitively select your Kiwi Jasper Palm Stone for you
  • Each Crystal is unique, photos are a representation of what you will receive.

Kiwi Jasper Palm Stones (Large)



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