Chakras: Solar Plexus Chakra

Keywords: Positivity, Enlightenment, Mental Clarity


Citrine is golden yellow in color and with that color comes some pretty spectacular upsides. Citrine will bring you success, happiness and strengthen your enthusiasm for life and the future.


With Citrine you will be able to deepen your enlightenment and bring warmth and mental clarity whilst using in areas of self-improvement. Citrine is a very powerful cleansing stone and also a regenerator, and is actually self-cleansing as well! Kick your self-doubt and anger in the tush, and let Citrine help you grow to banish the negativity and accept the positive vibes it’s sending your way. 


  • 6cm in length 
  • I will intuitively select your Citrine for you

Citrine Double Terminated Point (Group B)



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