Chakras: Third Eye Chakra, Crown Chakra + Soul Star Chakra

Keywords: White Light, True Purpose, Past Lives


Astrophyllite is your soul keeper, infusing you with light and allowing you to reconnect with your spirit and your higher self. Astrophyllite gives you the ability to make important changes that can move you along in your life path so you can find your true purpose. Astrophyllite gives you the tools you need to look within yourself, to recognise the changes that need to be made. Astrophyllite works with all your chakras, but enhances the connection between your Third Eye Chakra and Crown Chakra to further activate your Soul Star Chakra and allows white light to flow throughout your body. Astrophyllite also resonates with those who need help resolving past life experiences and can activate a strong soul connections between your past and new relationships.


  • Approx 7.5cm-8cm in height 
  • Approx 3.5cm-4.5cm in width 
  • I will intuitively select your Astrophyllite Generator for you

Astrophyllite Generators



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