The perfect kit to banish your anxiety + stress


Reduce Anxiety + Stress Kit Includes

1 x Obsidian Tumbled Stone

1 x Red Jasper Tumbled Stone

1 x Rainbow Moonstone Tumbled Stone

1 x Sodalite Tumbled Stone

1 x Carnelian Tumbled Stone

1 x Hematite Tumbled Stone


Packed in a Dark Moon Crystals Ritual Keep Box and  Organic Cotton Drawstring Bag.


Red Jasper strengthens and deepens your connection to Mother Earth. Through this connection, she allows and aids you in removing stress from your body and calming your overactive mind. She heals when working on your root and sacral chakras helping increase vitality, endurance and stamina giving you that energy boost that’s been weighed down by stress and anxiety.


Sodalite balances your emotions and reduces panic attacks. S is known to be a life-changing stone as it helps dissolve guilt, self-loathing, and fear.


Hematite is a highly protective stone, as it helps absorb negative energy and keeps you grounded. Hematite helps transform negative energies into positive energy vibrations.


  • All crystals are unique and have their own shape and color variation. Photos are an example of what you will receive.
  • Disclaimer: Please always consult a medical professional before replacing your traditional treatment with healing crystals. 

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