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Leah Shoman

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Libra Sun | Sagittarius Moon | Gemini Rising 

I am the Sole Owner + Operator of Dark Moon Crystals and the co-creator of The Dreamweaver Tarot.

I hail from Chicago but call Melbourne, Australia home for the past 5 years. 

My experiences/spirituality are the core of my existence, and I'm always on a path of healing, in search to gain deeper understanding and collecting knowledge from teachings and various cultures across the globe. 

My mission for Dark Moon Crystals is to match everyone with their perfectly paired crystals' and energetic vibrations to increase the consciousness and vibrations of the collective. 


Dark Moon Crystals is dedicated to procuring a wide variety of unique and sought after crystals that are sourced sustainably and ethically from around the globe. 


Dark Moon Crystals is your one stop shop for all your holistic and healing needs and dedicated in matching your specific vibrational frequencies to your crystals'.

Crystal Healing Sessions and Distance Tarot Readings are also on offer, to attune your chakras, balance your energy, to align you with your Higher Self and answer life's burning questions.


© 2020 Dark Moon Crystals 

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